Empathy is the foundation of any therapeutic interaction.  Many assume that empathy requires that the listener has been through similar circumstances.  I can tell you that I have never experienced many of the significant challenges faced by my clients, but that has not prevented me from helping them.

The fact is, empathy, or the ability to really listen and accurately reflect that understanding is a skill that takes years to develop and it is one that I take pride in.

Whether seeking my services for assessment, treatment, consultation or supervision, my first order of business is to ensure that you feel heard and understood.


I am admittedly a huge fan of the power of the human spirit.  It is why I love being a psychologist, as I am routinely given the privilege to witness human beings adapt and overcome.  Anyone seeing me for services will be challenged by questions about ‘the other side of the story’; questions that bring awareness to their strengths that may have previously gone unnoticed or taken for granted.

I would argue that understanding sources of resilience is just as, if not more important than understanding the problems.   Further developing your coping strengths is what will ultimately allow you to get through difficult circumstances and help you emerge with a renewed sense of yourself and abilities for facing whatever life might bring in the future.


Your time and money are valuable.  I endeavor to ensure that every client feels that my services are a worthwhile investment.

You will find that my work is very focused and goal oriented.  During the first session, we will discuss how many sessions will likely be required for you to begin to experience meaningful improvement.  Most people generally begin to see improvement within the first 4 to 6 sessions.

There are no guarantees that treatment will work.  But, if for some reason, you are not experiencing benefit within a reasonable time frame, the next step will be to discuss the options for getting your needs met.