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Dr. Stacy Thomas

Dr. Stacy Thomas is a Clinical Psychologist, the CEO and Clinical Director of The Design Your Life Centre, a place where she and her team of talented clinicians collaborate with clients to help them truly Design their Lives. 


With about 20 years experience helping people navigate some of life’s most difficult journeys such as chronic pain, serious chronic illness, infertility, pregnancy loss, and sudden traumatic events, Dr. Stacy’s strength is in her ability to recognize resilience and teach people how to apply proven psychological strategies in order to move past mere survival and thrive in the face of adversity. Her work with clients seamlessly interweaves Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Mindfulness Practices, Mental Skills for High Performance, and Clinical Hypnosis, with a keen understanding of the limiting life patterns that need to be broken in order for us to break free and truly show up as our authentic selves. 


Her mission to democratize mental health motivated her to create The Growing Forward Journal, and The Growing Forward Soul School, an online community focused on helping people grow consciously through whatever life brings.  She has also been asked to host several online summits for Mindful World, including the Mindful World Parenting Summit in January 2019 which reached a global audience of 40,000.


Whether you are struggling or striving, Dr. Stacy is passionate about helping you fulfill your life’s purpose and is honoured to have the opportunity to play a role in helping you Design Your Life.



Gabrielle Iwaskow

Gabrielle Iwaskow is a Registered Psychotherapist (qualifying), and a certified Design Your Life Health & Wellness Coach with a Masters in Counselling Psychology.   As a former athlete, with a love for psychology, Gabrielle is excited to now be leveraging all of her passions to do what she loves most:  empowering millennial women during times of transition, with healing conversations and evidence-based mental skills that work. 

Why?  Because she knows what it’s like to be a young woman with tons of inspiration struggling with a lack of clear direction.  She also knows the power a single conversation can have to get you moving on the right path. 

As a dedicated, results driven professional who is highly skilled at quickly developing authentic connections, she feels incredibly fortunate for the training and support she has received that helped her find her purpose and she is excited to have the opportunity to help you find yours.


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